TITANIUM Festival | May 14th 2022

Hardcore by nature

If you weren’t there to witness TITANIUM Festival with your own eyes last year, you most definitely have heard the stories from fellow hardcore lovers. Last edition of TITANIUM Festival was totally off the charts! And guess what: This year’s edition will even be more insane. Stunning shows and explosive acts at a unique location with amazing stages and the most important: TITANIUM Festival is 100% hardcore, powered by BKJN events & Dance 2 Eden


Tickets for TITANIUM Festival are on sale! Just like last year, the tickets will be sold in phases. After each phase has been sold out we will continue to sell the next phases with different prices. The earlier you buy your ticket the lower your price will be. The price without discount will be € 55,- (regular).


VIP tickets, including a special VIP access to the festival, access to the VIP deck, a special Titanium CD album and VIP wrist band will only cost € 10,00 euro extra in all phases. But be aware of the limited amount.